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30/05/2012 · hitting your lower lat giving it more of a "sweep" with a narrow grip, even if you do a lat pull down motion sitting there with one hand and feel your lat your "pulling with" with your other hand and do a wide grip and then a narrow grip, you can feel the difference, can you. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Exercise Guide. Wide grip lat pulldown is another good exercise for your back if you lack the upper body strength to lift your own body-weight in the regular chin-up. This exercise is done on a machine found in almost every gym. Wide-grip Pulldowns. Take a wide-as-possible overhand grip on a lat bar attached to the high pulley of a lat pulldown station. Keep your chest up and your lower back arched as you pull the bar down, and let your elbows go out to your sides and down as you bring the bar to. 21/05/2018 · Lat pull downs are a big part of building your upper body. As a back builder, they are one of the best movements you can perform. But, not everyone has access to a lat pull down machine. No need to despair though. You can still perform a few different exercises that can help grow your wings and get.

wide-grip lat pulldown is a exercise for those with a beginner level of physical fitness and exercise experience. Watch the wide-grip lat pulldown video, learn how to do the wide-grip lat pulldown, and then be sure and browse through the wide-grip lat pulldown workouts on our workout plans page! Which pull-up grip is the best? You can grip the bar with a wide or close grip,and in a neutral, supinated, or pronated fashion. Find out which grip combination builds you bigger and a wider lats. 27/11/2017 · Most trainers will tell you to do a lat pulldown with a wide grip. At some point in their trainer gestation, they must have gotten out some crayons and construction paper, drawn a stick man, and figured that since the lats form a V, so must the arms when doing a pulldown. Hence the wide grip. Some. Close-Grip Lat Pulldowns Reverse Grip Pulldowns Close-grip lat pulldowns are done on a machine found in almost every gym. This great latissimus dorsi exercise belongs in the multiple-joint exercise category because both the shoulder and the elbow joints are mobilized. The wide-grip overhand pulldown is actually best for building a wide back.

Should I Take a Wide Grip or Close Grip for Lat Pulldowns? July 02 2011. This is the most common question I get asked when I talk about lat pull downs to a new client. As you will see, this question also gets to the root of one of the major problems. Does changing grip width make a difference? 17/05/2017 · 2. Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down. The wide-grip variation is an excellent choice if you're looking to increase the width of your back and want to improve overall strength. This variation will also help you with your pull-up strength, allowing you to work your lats with good form through the. Mastering The Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down: Guide, Form, Flaws, Set Up & Execution. Exercise Instructions. 1. Stand in front of a lat pull down apparatus and grasp the bar using an overhand grip at least one foot wider than your shoulders on each side. 2.

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